Do you play 5a? Got something to ask...

(Sensei Dave) #1

So I have these pieces frond my wife’s insulin pen-needles. They are a thin plastic sleeve that protects the needle before use and cannot be put back on. The saftey cap is a different thing for after use.

I figured out that these little buggers are perfect for fast securing a counterweight to a string without havihng to do major surgery like you would usually have to.

I simply thread the open loop through the countereight, put the loop around the grey “plug” and pulled the string and plug so they were flush to the bottom of the counterweight. It keeps the string out of the way without having to wrap it around the CW. Pics below show it better.

I have tons of these things and only one counterweight. My question to you is would you find this useful? Do you want one? Refuse, reuse, recycle, right? I just hate to throw them away. If you are in the MA NH area and you want one, PM me. As long as I can hand it to you its yours. Silly to spend postage on one.

I will mail it to pros however. Not looking to make money, just not waste. My wife will be diabetic for the rest of her life and will be using pen needles til she gets a pump so I’m always gonna have a ton of these things.

(Sensei Dave) #2

Missed a pic.


I’m having a hard time admiring your ingenuity with a skull staring at me lol. Great idea!


Absolutely amazing. I love the idea. I’m of the opinion that the counterweight has been stuck in the 90’s, and hasn’t has a nice upgrade in a long long time. I love counterweight mods.

You should find a way to attach the plug with a small bit of string to the counterweight so that you can’t lose it.


THAT is genius!

(Y yo?2 yo.) #6

Too bad. :frowning: I don’t live in that area.


anyone living in florida? i’m diabetic too, i have the exact same needle caps.


I have G.I.T., which is like pre-diabetes. And I live in FL. We should meet up.


Awesome mod, without major surgery to accomplish that mod either, great idea.


I used to do something like this. Instead of using a normal CW with a hole inside it, I would get a little toy called a Crazy Bone (Some of you may remember me talking about this before) and simply just wrap the slip knot over it, and it worked great for 5a. Much easier than taking it apart and everything.
But this is a great idea! We need more stuff like this in online stores. :wink: