Do you normally get Shinya Kido's autograph...


when ordering from that other store? I was just wondering. I got my Sleipnir in today and it came with a nice looking thick gold card type thing with Shinya written on it in permanent marker. I wonder if it is always like that no matter what, or if it’s because I bought a Sleipnir, or if it’s because I spoke with a lot of the staff in order to get the color Sleipnir that I wanted?


Yeah. He writes you a nice little letter with every order. Gotta love those personal touches.


Yea I seen the post it letter, but didn’t know who it was from. The message is in English, but the signature is in Japanese. It looks like it takes a long time to write your name in Japanese.


The note I got is from someone named Hina. I think it is just whoever packs your order.


Must be recent, none of my orders from last year had that, or maybe i was too excited ripping open the package to notice…


You would have definitely noticed it. It’s like a big piece of hard cardboard. Much better quality than cardboard. It’s embroidered with gold (not real i’m sure, but looks nice) and it sparkles with a gold shimmer.


How long you think?