Is YoyoRecreation discontinuing Sleipnirs?

So I’m about to buy a Sleipnir from a Japanese company but they only have Silver and Pink in stock. I use the contact form to get in touch with someone and ask if they will be getting any more colors in stock. The guy ask what color I want and I say anything that isn’t silver or pink. He then replies that red and blue sleipnirs have been discontinued, and that he will be getting 1 and only 1 more orange sleipnir soon. I’m thinking that maybe red and blue are discontinued because chinese companies are making fakes, but he said he was only getting 1 more orange sleipnir like it was the last Sleipnir he will ever get period. I also noticed that Yoyorecreations website do not have the Sleipnir listed, they also don’t have the Acrophobia listed either, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been discontinued yet. If anybody could shed some light upon this subject it will be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t heard anything about it.

I hope they didn’t discontinue the acro. I traded mine away and will probably want to get a hold of another one eventually.

I’ve heard good things about the Acrophobia. I’ve never played any YYR, but I sold my MINT 7075 Hulk Smash Chief in order to be able to buy a YYR. The Sleipnir seems to be the most heralded of the crop so I think I’m going to go with that. It is close between the Sleip and Acro though.

Sleipnirs are spectacular. Better playing than the Acro for sure, but I like the Acro more. Might as well go with the Sleip, though. Acros are sold out everywhere. The one I bought was the last one ;D

The Sleipnir is Shinya Kido’s signature yoyo.

Shinya as of a week ago announced his leaving from YoyoRecreation.


That doesn’t sound very promising then for the future of the Sleipnir. Glad I snagged this orange one when I did.

I asked a certain Japanese site about the re-stocking of the Acrophobia about a month ago.
This is the reply:

“YYR Acrophobia is out of stock here and at YYR. YYR Acrophobia seems not
going to be produced anymore. Again, no re-stock we know any time soon.”

It is a shame. With the Yen/$ moving favorably, I think that YYR would find a whole new audience in America for the Acrophobia at $150. I bet a new batch would be snapped-up in a matter of minutes.

I hope that this is not the case with the Sleipnir also. I can’t imagine that YYR would stop making the Sleipnir because Shinya Kido is leaving. Maybe not use his name; but no more Sleipnir’s? That is unimaginable.

…Anyone got a Mint Acro for sale? ;D

I think this is a way of things telling me “go get one now”.

I can’t. I will wait a bit until money comes in, then I will get one.