Do you ever have days where your throwing seems inadequate??

I dont know about you guys but some days it just seems like my throwing is garbage which always sucks lol. Anyone else ever gotten a slump or whatever?

lol - definitely. some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant. some days everything you try will just work and crowds will want to carry you and scream your name. others everything will end in a ridiculous gordian knot and beautiful women will laugh at you (AND call you on your unfastened zipper).

the important thing is just to keep throwing. throw when you suck, throw when you’re awesome. if you can maintain the same state of mind for each, you’ll have mastered more than yo-yoing.

Yeah like today i can’t do poop :’(

But i still throw.

Yeah like if I hav’nt played for few days or something.

yep. some days i can do boing-e-boing forever, and others i miss the string when doing a split bottom mount >.<’

Yeah… I tell my self that every day… It gives me motivation to work harder…

Though I do enjoy those days when every thing goes right… Today I was outside yoyoing before school and was just beasting it up. I was hitting each and every Eli Hop. And Then I even caught one behind my head… It was epic… I almost cried I was so happy.

Yeah i get this all the time. Today i landed EVERYTHING!!! it was sooo awesome!! but other days i just fail so bad and i cant seem to hit the right strings or go fast or anything :frowning: i hate those days. but persistence is the key!

never stop throwing! its such a bad choice!

The day of redondo, I was sucking. I don’t mean just the freestyle, I tried to practice my freestyle a few times. I missed all the trick one time.

i think mood is to count on this.

Sucking every single day…

…because confidence is for noobs.

I could land double reverse lacerations easily today, and yah some days I rock at boingy boing and some days I don’t