Do most of you prefer very rim weighted & low walled yoyos for 1A/3A/5A?

(The Yo mast3r) #1

If so, how much rim weight?


I would say without a doubt; more than not enough rim weight. And not enough rim weight to constitute too much.

So; yes and no…


Pretty much all yoyos have a lot of rim weight, but I prefer throws with a bit of center weight, like the yoyofactory shutter, protostar, yoyojam vexed, and my current favorite, a one drop benchmark o.


Yes. They are usually the best performing yoyos :slight_smile:

(The Yo mast3r) #5

Would like to clarify that this poll is for a school project.


My favs are high walled with a neutral weight distribution (not too rim weighted or center weighted). Really great feel and play, even if they are more prone to tilt and lack spin compared to competition metals.


Gotta say, that makes it much less clear for me… What school is having you gather information on vague yo-yo weight distribution preferences?


The real question truly is what school makes you go this late into June? Are you in a year round school?

(Spinworthy Glen) #9

Our seasons are flipped. We have our winter in June, July, August.

Our summer is in December, January February.

This is Straya, mate.

(rizkiyoist) #10

Unless you can quantify how ‘much’ is rim weighted, how ‘much’ is not enough, there is no answer, because what is considered too much rim weighted for one person can be not enough for others.



I prefer Oreganic, high-walled, centrally-weighted yo’s. The fact that they wobble and spin-out at the slightest touch of the string just adds to that laid-back, cosmopolitan-coolness factor. You feel me?


Hoping to avoid it.

(rizkiyoist) #13

You mean Oreoganic?


Using a centering bearing on an Oreoganic? Flat bearings for all your cookie based yoyos.
Flat is where it’s at. :wink: