DNA Quick Question


im looking more into the DNA now as i really like it
but… those things on its sides are definetly hub stacks right???
because on the hub kits it says it can be equipped to yoyos:gs,888,superstar and one versoin of PGM
but where does it mention DNA? maybe because they are only listing some of them
or maybe its a mistake
or… maybe it just doesnt have hubs!!!

i like the yoyo and im probably getting one if theyres hubstacks on it
is the yoyos hubs(if they have any:P) ready to play? or would i actually need any of those kits?
i need help please tell me wat is already on the DNA(talking hubs) and what isnt


yes they have hubstacks

(JackG) #3

yes and you will not need to get the kit since it has every thing you need


but what about the bigones i think theyre called z stacks?? the ones on the g5 pic.
i dont want to buy them but do they come with the DNA?

is it a good yoyo or waste of money? i have a dv888 but want a new yoyo and i can bind extremely easy on it at all times and will be able to learn a bind on DNA for sure i think

whats your thoughts on it and please give me a link for some good reviews:):slight_smile:

What Ones!!! Help Me Choose!!! Aahhhh

if you cant bind you shouldnt even have a dv888 and you shouldnt be thinking of getting a dna