dm and legacy

who here likes the legacy better than the dm and vice versa. also if you pop out the caps in a legacy are there metal rings like in the counter attack

I think this is another ridiculous thread sir. I know you want to know who likes what better but it will have no relevance to you. Everyone has different taste in what they like. Also some people’s taste changes over time. At one time I loved the DM, now i hate it. That doesn’t mean its a bad yoyo cause its not. Yes I love the legacy and think everyone should at least try one. Ye there are metal rings under the caps too.

Try to read reviews please. It will give you all the answers you need.


Wow, took the words out of my mouth.

sorry this is the first time ive ever been on a forum ill try to follow your advice. thanks

If you want the Legacy or considering it, just get it. It’s a great throw that many people do prefer over the LegacyDark Magic. Some include Grant Johnson.

So people prefer the Legacy over the Legacy?

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