Dizzy Baby Trick

When I try to attempt the dizzy baby,i always get a knot after the spin around the cradle.Advises anyone?

This post should be in the Yo-Yo Tricks section. But to answer you, you could be missing the center of the triangle every once in a while and swing across the side. This will and the yoyo in a knot.

Yes, It should be in the Tricks Section.
Back on topic. Make sure when you’re spinning it goes around the string. NOT your thumb. When you’re ready to realease, use the momentum of the rolls to get out of the knots. What you’re doing with Dizzy Baby is creating a kind of Spaghetty String. The momentum will pull on the string and loosen and eventually get out the knot.

You guy’s are all wrong. You are twisting your non throw hand causing you to cross the string loop.

Let me give a terrible illustration.

Nailed it!


that video shows you how.

Happy Throwing!

I’ve finnally got it,thanks !

good stuff! glad to see you got it down!

There is 2 things that might be causing you to get a not.
1.When you are pulling the string back like a sling shot make sure the loop that you pull back is not twisted cif it is that might be causeing you to get a knot.

2.When your swing the yoyo around try to keep it in the middle not swinging on the outside of the loop every once in a wile if you are doing this that might be causing the knot.

If this did no help try looking at the pictures the guys posted above min ^ i hope this helped.

He alredy figured out the problem. I suggest you read the previous posts.