Dizzy Baby not getting Dizzy

Hey I have been working on trying to do a dizzy baby, I can do a rock the baby but i dont know how to make the yoyo swing around without hitting my fingers, I have watched the video tons of times but it doesnt tell how exactly to get the spin. please help

You pinch the string at the top of the cradle.

If you navigate to the top of this page, you will notice on the nagivation menu of the site, it says ‘Learn’ highlight your mouse over learn and there are a bunch of videos taking you from beginner level all the way up to master level. Andre’ explains how to do the tricks really well and I think it would help you a lot. Below is the video of how to do the dizzy baby.

try doing it slowly

If you don’t pinch the top of the string, it’s really hard. Practice making a wide rocker.