Diverse Animals


Diverse Animals was founded on Earth. We feel that this is a great place to do business and the locals have been extremely warm and welcoming to our enterprises. We are committed to making quality throws with lots of love and bringing back the human touch that is so often lacking in the world of CNC.

Diverse Animals is committed to using both standard and nonstandard materials in our production. We are proud to say that we have experience with using metal, nonmetal, and tree in crafting our yo-yos. We have even gone to the expense of bringing the famed cinnamon blast into our brand’s possession by the inclusion of Patrick Condon as a team member.

We have a couple of yo-yos in the works that may be out for review soon. Keep your eyes open and receive them into your hearts. When they do start popping up for sale, remember that our runs are going to be small, indefinite, and sporadic. By that we mean this:

Diverse Animals are microbrewed with the finest flavors for the most discerning of palates. There is no set production number for any design. However, this does not apply to the gimmicks of special editions. Furthermore, we reserve the right to heckle you if you claim that you own a yo-yo of ours that is rare and one of some arbitrary number. These yo-yos are one of some, many, few, and a bunch. Diverse Animals are rare only so much as they are.

The production of every design we make is limited. Pat recently broke our time machine in an attempt to trade his potentially infinite resources for near-infinite amounts of dogs so we are no longer capable of producing infinite yo-yos. The unforeseeable volume of said dogs caused complications, and postponed Pat’s further plans to make every day Christmas. Any timetable for a release is probably a lie and should be treated as a teaser. Do not expect us to follow any sort of release pattern of other companies.

Team Members

Patrick Condon
He is our lead designer and is in charge of various marketing campaigns, branding, and color combining. What skills he has in design, he makes up for in lack of control in the usage of time machines.

Mr J
He is our resident lawyer and a fine yo-yoer in his own right. When he isn’t at his day job he can be found wasting his time with us or writing guest columns on YoYoSkills.

Occasionally we make yo-yos, and when we do it’s pretty awesome.


This is the best idea ever on the face of this earth.


Hmm, I am intrigued…


This is real right ? ???


Is YoyoJam real? :wink:


What’s YoyoJam? :wink:


This is like…

The next best thing.



??? ???

(WildCat23) #9







This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen on all of YYE.


I didn’t know animal shaped yoyos could even spin ::slight_smile:


The rare Bearoceraffe :o


You have caught my attention what information can you give me? if this all is even real???




(DOGS) #18


Bahahaha. That was awesome!!! :wink: i laughed pretty hard.


We’ve been in discussion with YoYoSkills for a few weeks now on the possibility of working together. Their experience in not making yo-yos combined with our own experience in not making yo-yos seemed like the perfect pairing for making yo-yos. For a short moment today our dream was made a reality when YoYoSkills came forward and officially endorsed our company.

Unfortunately they have since backed out of the deal. Industry insiders point to market pressure to maintain journalistic integrity and the fact that One Drop managed to out bid us for the endorsement deal. (Who knew that puppies were not recognized as a legal currency?) We are certainly shocked and disappointed at how quickly YoYoSkills recalled their endorsement. Because of these proceedings, we announce with great regret that our postponement will remain indefinite.