Diverse Animals

(DOGS) #21

Good news everyone!

I’m receiving word that the removal of the Diverse Animals promotion images from YoyoSkills is most likely a fluke. It appears that a more convoluted and ingenious marketing scheme has been devised, as images can still be found whenever YoyoSkills is shared on Facebook!

I’ve never been one for viral marketing through social networks, but it seems Chris Allen is much more clever than we originally thought him to be! Whenever he is shared on Facebook, an image sharing his pride to support Diverse Animals is displayed to his audience. Truly genius!

Here’s hoping that we can get past this misunderstanding and foster a lasting partnership. Your April Fool’s joke almost got us!


If I wasn’t on probation,…


Diverse Animals is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 Kansas Yo-Yo Contest.

We also have a website that may have real content eventually. Go check it out:




(Owen) #25

I like animals that are diverse


That NoΩstar looks epic!!! And those rims are amazing!


Now that I am on the website:) I think I would love to try one of the No_star. don’t know how the do the omega sign


Wasn’t the NoΩstar a special custom mod for Robbie? I’d love to see more of them, the shape is very appealing.


I did it with the app and Greek alphabet. I love the app. It’s faster.


Ooh I’m on either desktop or mobile android so there isn’t an app sadly


This is an outrage! In what world is puppies NOT used as legal currency!!

on a more serious note this looks awesome, let’s hope I have enough $$$ when you guys release some throws


Mars, Pluto, Titan, and Earth, sadly.

(Owen) #33

Yeah, I really want one too. I love the Royale and Delrin is MT favorite material so it’s the best of both worlds.

I dont know if Pat wants people talking about it though because he PM’d me saying I blew it or something and then got mad for me jokingly asking for a free one. He also said that he was still working on that part of the site…


(WildCat23) #34

This is not instagram or twitter…

(DOGS) #35


Make a yoyo without any rims!


how would there be no rims on something?


Well, you would have to, I mean, ummm, cut off the rims, then uug, uh, add less, err, I DON’T KNOW!!!


wouldn’t what Evers left be considered the rim :wink:


Not if there’s… NOTHING THERE! :smiley: