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You need a throw called teh Blue Heeler. I love the ideas…KEEP THEM COMING!!!


There’s more than one way to string a cat!


Guys. A yo-yo with no rims would be a Looping yo-yo. Silly


Not if it’s anti-matter…


Then it ain’t there by human senses.


Actually, it would still be there, just in the form of an earth-shattering explosion.


It would be in the essence of mind blowery


Yes it would.


Such good vibes with thiisss thread! Love it guys cant wait to see whats good with yalls productions!! <3 peace love luck and good vibes sent your way -Sammy

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Diverse Animals is proud to announce a collaboration between two objectively superior companies. We’d explain through song, but considering the visual nature of the forum, simple math seems to be the hip way to go about things. No wonder that’s what everyone else does.

Multiplication is hard so forgive us for just using addition.

Square Wheels has allowed themselves to be affiliated with our devious operation to produce the NoΩstar, a completely original aluminum yo-yo as the base, with additional delrin rims for increased durability and a weight that can be diversified™ on the fly. This yo-yo was designed with input from Robbie Graham, who happens to be a world class 5a player or something. He’s talking about it being his signature yoyo, but honestly, this yoyo is so drastically different than the Square Wheels ones he’s used to throwing that we honestly just can’t see it.


59mm Diameter
47mm Width
69g (with rings)
58g (without rings)



Looks nice. Like…Split Decision nice


I want.


How many puppies is this going to cost me?

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Cool beans! Love to hear about stuff like this. Like Sammy said earlier: good vibes!



Still, looks sick, and if I ever inherit all my Great Grandpa’s money, I’ll but all of them. ALL OF THEM. xD


But I want one!


This junk loooks sick!! Might neeeed one!


Yes! Finally a proper announcement. These look so beautiful.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful :slight_smile:

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