Diverse Animals


That isn’t proper… Your pinkies aren’t up…


My mind was just derped then blown away by that logic.


It appears that there’s been a few backseat drivers on the Diverse Animals train.

Um. Okay.

The Diverse Animals R&D team has been hard at work to realize this dream. Regardless of the risks involved, we feel that our audience is an important factor to consider in the design and production process. As a small company, constantly at awe with the scale of our surroundings, it is the dreamers that can give us our footing in our mission to deliver.

Introducing the Diverse Animals ‘Bering Sea’:

Diameter – 13mm
Width – 5mm
Gap Width – N/A
Response – Air Resistance

This design is truly innovative and potentially game changing. The rotating mass is actually on the inside of the yo-yo while the string rests on the outside. This reduces the size enough to allow wildly technical tricks, previously beyond comprehension, to be deported back to the realm of rhyme and reason. Because if there’s one thing you can count on Diverse Animals for providing, it’s rationality.

Due to design limitations, the string tends to slip off the yo-yo during high speed play. While this can be adjusted to an extent with technique, predicted qualms regarding how yoyos ought to cater to a player’s needs, like a butler, will most likely prevent further development and distribution.


Pat is a great guy! He is a diverse animal,Humerous ,friendly,giving and kind. Check again make sure he’s human! For it seems that species is endangered.


When will you sell these?

Please don’t quote the post right above you. –mrcnja

Why do we not quote large posts?

and how much will one of these suckers dip into my wallet. keep it under $100 and we have a deal

Please don’t quote the post right above you. –mrcnja

Why do we not quote large posts?

I heard it was 12ish puppies :-/

Please don’t quote the post right above you. –mrcnja

Why do we not quote large posts?

12 puppies? Now that’s high end.




So if I buy a NoΩstar, does it come with a Bering Sea?

(DOGS) #71

No, it only comes with a string, response, and a C sized bearing.




For those who don’t like to wait, we also have a few yo-yos for sale.


The new jojos look really cool!


Mrcnja: I love that game!


My god… That picture brings back so many awesome memories! :o


I still have it! Gonna play it some tomorrow :smiley: (melee that is) but can’t wait to see this throw ;D



^ that looks brilliant. magniflorious even


Those yoyos look brilliant with the wood on them!