Diverse Animals


As expected, school has slowed production to a standstill. However, I have run into other setbacks. My shop is situated in my basement, which is currently being torn apart. There was a pipe that burst a few years ago. Plenty of stuff got wet, but my family and I cleaned it up without too much jimmy rustling. Recently we found out that our basement had lots of mold growing in it.

I am super frustrated over this whole stressful mess as you can imagine. I just want to get my yo-yos finished and sold to my first customers, but the area surrounding my shop is under quarantine. The release date is still tentatively scheduled for eventually. Thank you for your continued support. Here’s a picture of a panda training a Shiba:


Can you even handle this?






Floating spinning cookie… Mind blown.


I did not know that Oreos were made on a lathe


How else would they be round?

(DOGS) #88

Diverse Animals Pre-Tuned Oreos are rounder


“I like Oreos”


(DOGS) #90

We did a thing.






He’s probably thinking of Yoyofactory.

(DOGS) #94

How can YoyoJam be real if our eyes aren’t real?


Didn’t capatilize the first letter of each sentence 7/10.


Production is starting:


I’m so ignorant about lathes. I have no idea how that process is repeatable for near-identical halves!


I want one!



Yes. Take my money please


Hmm, so the part with the nipple is the hub, and the rounded part is the catch zone…

Interesting to say the least.