Diverse Animals


Is that a looper? Also, is that a dr. Mario inspired design?


My god. Finnaly a Nano yoyo. Do want.

Gimme that wide gap. …


Love the colors

(DOGS) #104


Yeah I’m actually really interested at how you guys do that :slight_smile:


There’s a production video earlier in this thread.

Though honestly I’m a little curious also, how do you get the halves identical? Seems like you’re free handing a bit.


lol thats exactly what I was so curious about :slight_smile:


If this throw is as good as the anime it’s influenced by, then I’m gonna have a hell of a good time.


Tried this out at NER. AMAZINGNESSx1000000000000000!!!


Whaaaaaa? This was around at NER? WHy am I so ignorant? How did I cause myself to miss this?

(DOGS) #111

It’s going to be around at NH States, too!


Nice video.  I’d buy that color, or all white.  I’ve been collecting Delrins, and I’d like to add this one to the list.  I will buy one.  I was preoccupied at NER, but will check it out further in NH.

(DOGS) #113

Oops, I take that back.

(Owen) #114

The yoyo looks great, but I think I’ve heard that music someplace before…

Oh, duuuhh, my nightmares.





Any updates on the Nanos? =D


It’s happening, but in slow motion.