Disc Side Effect


Recently, I have been looking to get a new side effect. The disc ones seemed interesting, but it was $6 extra. Is it worth the extra $6? Also, I’m going to put the new side effect in my code 2 if it matters.


Funny you should mention that. I got a second Code 2 and popped those in there. I really liked the performance difference I got from the disc side effects. I prefer it over a completely stock Code 2.


They will add some weight, for sure… but it’s such a sweet, stable, weight… I have them in a couple throws - my favorite is in my 54 gzr - looks like a tie fighter, and flies like one…

I assume your Code2 is a standard one? I tried them in my C2 GZR - and honestly, it was not my fave config, it really did get too heavy (and it takes a lot for me to say too heavy)… but I love them in my standard C2… it’s really amazing what a few grams makes…

Get them, you’ll have a blast… and unless you’re covering up a sweet inside anno - they look sick!