Now that I’ve been throwing 1A for a few months I’d like to experiment with other styles of yoyo play. I want to try either 3A or spin tops. Which is more fun in your opinion?


I think I’m going to get more into 3A when I get this 1A thing down a little more. I think it’s really impressive looking and there’s so many things you can do with it.

I’ve never done any more spin topping than just throwing out a spin top. Based on the stuff I’ve seen it seems like it’s really difficult to make a lot of progression with tops. Even the “really hard” tricks look pretty simple (not saying they are, actually the opposite). I doubt I have the patience to try and tame one of these.


That’s sort of what I figured, but I just love being able to do things that people have never seen.


Go with 3a, spin tops require a huge amount of time to get a very low payoff and plus 3a is slightly more difficult in concept, but there is also the whole yoyo community and sponsorships surrounding it as well, while spin tops have an even smaller following, which makes 3a look like a very good yoyo career choice.

your YoYo skills will also transfer over to 3a which is a big bonus in my book.