Ding and scratch “fix”

So this may have been discussed before but I bought a Birchwood Casey aluminum black pen. It basically causes a chemical reaction that causes raw aluminum to turn black. Sorry I didn’t take before pictures but this is on my Zeekio Slim Jim. This would work great on a black Yoyo.


I was thinking of trying shoe polish.

Where did you buy this?

I don’t think shoe polish would stain the aluminum for very long. It would probably wear off quickly.

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Amazon. It was $6.

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This is cool, not heard of it before! I’m going to pick some up to black out the scuffs on my Theodore.

Thanks for sharing!


No problem. I think as a precaution you should wear gloves to protect your skin. I think it’s some sort of acid in the pen that causes the chemical reaction. I didn’t wear gloves and was fine but it probably wouldn’t be good to accidentally get some on your finger and then touch your eyes or something.


Here is my Freehand Al. It covered the pinpricks pretty well. I may run the pen over it again.


I’ve had fairly good results with felt pens of various colors. Got the best results using a black pen on a black yoyo.

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