Different types of metals

Whats so good about 7075 alumium, titantium, bi-metal yoyos?

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The end goal of most yoyos is to have as much rim weight as possible and these materials make it easier than 6061 aluminum.

7075 is a bit more durable and with the added strength you can make the walls not aat the rim smaller to make the rims bigger. This increases with titanium which is twice as strong as aluminum so you can make the walls even smaller.

Bimetal goes about it a different way. Instead they just replace the rims with a heavier material for maximum stability.

A higher grade of aluminium then 6061. It’s purer which makes
fancy anodizing hard as it tends to just drop off the metal. Some people however
prefer it’s ‘feel’ but really you can’t tell much of a difference.

Bimetal (non plastic):
The process of fusing 2 metals together. This allows yoyo manufacturers to achive interesting
weight distributions since different metals have diff density. Steel being heavier then Aluminium.

Honestly just a prestige thing, they don’t play any better then standard aluminiums,
they just cost a whole lot more which would lead to people not wanting to ding it, which is
a real shame because sparking Ti yoyos on roads are awesome.

Actually, 7075 aluminum is just a different grade of aluminum. It has less aluminum than the 6061 alloy, making up the difference with more chromium, copper, magnesium, and zinc. The higher quantities of these additional, and mostly heavier elements, results in a stronger, and denser ( 4% higher density than 6061) alloy. The added strength and higher density gives the yoyo designer/manufacturer additional freedom when it comes to wall thickness and mass distribution. While it does anodize very well, the lower porosity of 7075, compared to 6061, does not accept dyes/colors as readily as its 6061 cousin.