Difference in woods

Can anyone give me the pros and cons of different natural woods?

Rubberwood, mahogany, maple, walnut, etc.

Also, which one becomes tackiest after prolonged play?

The differences between the different woods is mainly weight and hardness. You can look up hardness charts online to get a better idea.

I have a few kendamas of different wood types - Krom Mahogany, Krom Walnut w/ Rubberwood tama, and Kendama USA Cherry Pro Model. They are all heavier than the standard Beech wood kendamas and much more durable because of the harder wood.

As far as the tackiness goes I think that more relates to painted tamas, natural wood tamas will break in and become a little grippier once they’re banged up, but never really get tacky.

Beech is the most common and “breaks in” the best in my opinion but I really like the weight and balance of the Mahogany too.

Also, heavier woods can be more brittle. Not all of them, but some are. It’s a good idea to look up the durability of the wood as well as its density.

Thanks for the replies!

Which type of wood is your favorite?