Heaviest Kendama?

Hey! So I’m looking for a Kendama with a heavier weight than the standard kendama.
If anything, I’d prefer a heavier tama vs heavier ken.
I also would like something maybe a tad taller? however this is a very minor concern and doesn’t need to be pursued if not necessary.
All suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

I really like the Kendama USA Cherry Pro Models for a heavier kendama.


The cherry wood is denser and way more durable.  It has a decently heavier weight and the rubberized tama has a really nice grip.

I can’t think of any with a taller ken but for weight the cherry wood is hard to beat!

Purple Heart would be the most dense wood. I had a Klack Purple Heart and it was a beast.

Sadly Cherry Pros are sold out :confused:
And the Klack Purple heart is $100 more than i would prefer to spend haha!

Yeah unfortunately a couple are sold out, we still have orange and yellow in stock though. I haven’t tried any klack kendamas but they look decent, although I wouldn’t pay $100 for a kendama either lol.

Shame that Orange is my second least favorite color, and Yellow is my least favorite :confused:
Blehhh I wish I was less picky, but what can ya do? haha.
May as well get something like a atack and just drill some holes, and stick some metal in eh? haha!

I agree with Garrett.
For the Kendama USA cherry ProMod, the ken weighs at least 90g. The tama is usually about the same weight.
Another heavy kendama is the Sweets line of kendamas.