So I’m looking to get a bamboo kendama… however I do know that bamboo is lighter than beach wood and I know that bamboo is not as durable as other woods as well. However, I don’t know how bamboo’s durability stacks up with beach wood. I don’t want a kendama that is all dented up after the first day of use.

Anyone own a bamboo kendama? Is it worth getting one?


I haven’t had a bamboo Kendama, but I know from having a lot of bamboo… It’s a tough little thang. And I’m sure it’s durable enough for something like a Kendama.

Also, just an interesting fact. Bamboo is actually not wood at all. It’s a grass! :smiley:


Bamboo is actually really strong. As long as it is solid bamboo it’s very durable. If its hallow then it isn’t worth it. I play men’s lacrosse and bamboo lacrosse shafts can be used. They’re super durable, and hurt like heck to get hit with. I would suggest getting a bamboo kendama if its solid bamboo.


The tama (ball) is going to be cherry wood-not bamboo, and that it is what is going to get dented up the most and not so much the ken, other than the spike tip, which can easily be reinorced with a light layer of super glue. Honestly, you want your kendamas to get beat up, they are different than yoyos; nice broken-in kendama will play better. The oils from your hands will build up on the tama and add tack (stickiness), which make lighthouses and lunars easier to land :wink:
Just get yourself two kendamas: one to shred and one to look pretty on your shelf :wink:
Oh, and get yourself a voodama doll while you’re at it ::slight_smile:


It is durable, as long as you use it properly of course. I have dropped it many times and it is still okay,there are some dents here and there but that is natural. Mostly it has gotten dirty from a lot of play though, but that is fine.I am pretty sure my bamboo tama is not cherry wood, but who knows. If you can get one, do it. It is a fun to mess around with, however if you are playing outside in the wind, landing light houses and such can be frustrating at times, but it is a good challenge. Good luck on your Bamboo kendama. :wink: