Difference in CLYW Chief runs

I’m curious if there is some way to determine which run of Chief you have. Is it just the weight? Colorway?

Asking Chris lol

Or dig through the CLYW blog. It may take a little time to find the entries, but Chris posts pics of each run. However, there have been re-runs of colors, so that might make it more difficult. Then you’re back to using weight to tell the difference.

Im not sure though but I know that if the chief has no double rims its a 5th run.

ummm, i’m pretty sure every run of chiefs have double rims…

My theory is that the first run and the other 65g runs were made in Canada, whilst the the 66g run was/is made by OD. I’ve read somewhere that someone stated that they thought the first run, the Canadien one, played way better blablabla.

I said the fith run has no double rims is what I meant.

I actually liked the lighter version WAY better. But in the end, the Chief just wasn’t the throw for me regardless of weight.

@ xXRickY0Xx - all Chief runs have the inner rail. It’s kind of its trademark. I’m not sure what you mean by “double rims”.

Edited a punctuation error. Sorry, I’m OCD like that.

All of the Chiefs have double rims.

Yes an inner rail is what I meant. the fifth run doesnt have that inner rail. Im sorrry for the confusion

YES IT DOES. He said that, A Soviet Locust said it, MiamiBuddha said it, now I am saying it.

Yes they do. Don’t know what you’re on about.

caution --don’t feed the troll

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You lost me… This is like saying a dietz without side effects

Know what? Im sorry for confusing everyone. Ok? I have no means of trolling anyone or to making a false statement on purpose. We all make mistakes. I dont want to be known as a moron or an idiot of any kind. So please accept my apology.

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1st run - light 65
2nd run - heavy 66
3rd run - light
4th run - heavy

Somewhere along the line Chris decided to keep them at 66. Not sure when … Also there are other runs of lights… I just posted what I remember when they first dropped.

Asking Chris would be the best bet. I think he is at run 13 now…

… Unless you have a 1st or 2nd run chief …dont really matter which run you have. I have had one from the 1st an 2nd … They all pretty much played the same.

It’s still a beast IMO.

I believe mine is an earlier one…

From the research I have conducted, it appears mine is a 3rd run. It is amazing BTW.

From what I know I think One Drop has made Chief’s in both the 65 and 66 gram weight. I like them both!! I have one of each…

I know there are a few people who are in the process of doing the research needed to compile this info as we speak!! I wish them luck!!! With all those runs that’s a lot of return tops to be looking into…

My Chief has triple rims.