Dif Pad size for Dif-e-Yo Sportster-F

Got a Dif e Yo Sportster-F via eBay today, and the pad response has completely gone - almost like no pads at all.

I’ve sanded them a bit, and they are better, but I’m going to need new pads soon.

I’ve done a little internet searching, but I haven’t been able to find - for sure - which pads I need for the Sportster-F, the standard size or the .555 size.

BTW, this model has a groove recessed into each half, so that pads fit flush.

Anyone know for certain?


On the dif-e-yo site, the only models that call out the .555 pad are the InTernal Turmoil, JUGGERNAUT, and the Rev-1 OVER HAUL. All the rest take the std. size. Your choice is the thin or thick.


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Thank you!

I tried going to the DeO site, but my virus protecton would not let me - “threat has been detected”.

Followed your link on my phone & no problem.

Thanks again.

I have been trying Dif-e-Yo site for quite some time and cannot reach it…Has Frank quit?

Just tried the link I gave above and it works fine.

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HMM must be my computer…still wont go…
Tried 3 different browsers.



Temporarily disabled virus protection and was able to make the link work…wonder whats up with that?