Dif e yo wide load?

Any good? What is the blue ring thing in thing in the cup?

While I have not tried a wide load I have tried a bone chip and loved it! I actually regret trading it but aw well I can always try to get another. Those blue things are weight rings and can be removed.

The blue ring thing is a rubber weight ring. I haven’t tried a wide-load, but I used to have a tank, and I’ve got a couple of dif’s more recent models. The problem with the tank (and wideload) is that even though the shapes are great, the response system is outdated and terrible. you can only use pads that are .15 mm thick–unless you want the pads to stick out. you can use dif-pads, but I hated them because they were too slippery, and good luck finding any other pads that are .15mm thick. Also, there is no bearing seat lip between the pad and bearing, so if/when the pad moves and touches the bearing…instant snap back.

So in conclusion, if you want a dif, don’t get one of their earlier models, get one of their newer models that accept silicone.

Dif pads are made to work optimally with 50/50 string according to Mr. Difeo.
I’ve found the combination to work quite well in my difs, including my wide load. My opinion on the wide load? It’s an older yo but very solid. I’ve had it for years and still have no intention of selling or trading it.

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the wide load is great fun to play with and pads are awesome plus their are several tutorials on how to make your own pads ;D

Anybody else? I’m considering this or the wide sport.

Both throws are very outdated

I’d suggest going with one of the newer throws like the IT