Dienasty vs Starlight

Should i get the YYF Dienasty or Starlight?

Get the DieNasty.

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lol steve brown would say that! he created it! i like the starlight a little bit better. but the die nasty is awesome also. so i think you should get the starlight, or you can get both!

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He didn’t create it. It is his yo though. Is get the dynasty too.



I’m more of a Starlite fan, so I say go for it.

Just get both.
There both great throws.

I have a glow dienasty and a starlight.
They are both awsome players.

If you like sharp angled profiles get the starlight.
If you prefer a rounder profile go the Dienasty.

I use them both frequently


Get both! The two are both very affordable.

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