DIE-NASTY vs Grind Machine?

I’m really interested in getting into 3a, but I don’t have any two yo-yo’s that are similar enough to each other. I was wondering whether or not the DIE-NASTY is similar to the PGMv2(shape, size, feel, etc…). Should I just get it or another PGMv2?

They’re similar enough:
GM Diam 56.4 mm, width 40.9 mm, 64 grams (w/hubstacks)
DN Diam 55.8 mm, width 40.6 mm, 65 grams (w/caps)

Note that these slight differences in size may very well be in the rounding and conversion from english to metric units.

You probably won’t feel much difference between the two if any at all in the size/weight category.

The DN has a center trac bearing, I don’t know if the GM has that. The PGM V1 has a flat bearing (at least mine does). Maybe the difference there may have an effect on the play between the two.

The PGM2 is just like a die nasty with hubstacks.

I’d get the one with hubs if i were you. It will be much more fun to play around and create your own tricks with the hubs.

DN has a center trac & PGM2 has a flat bearing btw.

I would choose die-nasty because you are not going to use hubs friquently if you are doing 3a

I think (and mostly everyone else) hubs get in the way and are pretty stupid js.

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Yes, they’re basically alike.

You should get another pgm because I have a die nasty and it plays much different than the pgm
I guess it’s because the hubs add centerweight while the die nasty has very little center weight because it doesn’t have hubs

my friend got a gm and hes brother got a die nasty the die nasty doesnt spin as long as the gm and the gm is pretty good

even the velocity

In order from most awesome to least awesome:

Counter Attack
PGM Stackless
PGM Stacked V.2
PGM Stacked V.1

my gm feels too light so i would try die nasty
just my opinion