Die-Nasty Question

Not sure if this is in the right section…

Does the Die Nasty come with counterweights?

Or is Duncan the only brand that’s allowed to include counterweights with their yoyos…

I don’t think it comes with counterweights. If it did, it would be called spintop-buttons. I still don’t think they are included.

Nope, the Die-Nasty does not come with counterweights.


I think they will though because I wad emailing nick and I’m pretty sure they w
Ill come with polycarb nicks balls

I reaaaaaaaaallllyyy want a Nick’s Balls ctw…

My Die-Nasty came with the yoyo, string, and a peice of paper on how to bind, put on string, finger grind, and arm grind… I bought it from this site.

no counter weights but the yoyos really good for grinding and tricks but its loud

i personally dot nlike the grinds and be aware mine had insane wobble and they are supposed to have just reg vibe