Did I Screw This Up???

So today I tried cleaning my Horizon’s bearing with paint thinner, dried it with a hairdryer, lubed it with 3 pin-drops of trumpet valve oil, and spun it for like 20 seconds on a chopstick. I played it right after and it was quiet enough and played responsive like I expected. I had to leave after that and several hours later I come back home and start playing again, hoping to break it in before the next day. But after a couple of throws, the bearing starts making a scratchy-ish noise and stops after like 15 seconds of spinning. I take the Horizon apart and the bearing spins for like half a second. So, thinking that I added to much valve oil, I go and clean it again, dry it, lube it with 1 pin-drop this time, and spin it for like 20 seconds on a chopstick. I play it right after and it’s responsive (as anticipated) but it’s still making the scratchy noise and it’s still spinning for like 15 seconds! This was my first time trying to clean a bearing and I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen or not. From what I’ve read, bearings are supposed to be really, really quiet after they’re cleaned, so I’m really, really confused. Does anyone know what I did wrong, or is this supposed to happen? If you need a video of the scratchy sound I can upload it. BTW, to clean it, I dropped the bearing in a jar half full with the paint-thinner and shook it around for a couple of minutes. Do I need to keep it in longer? I’m so confused… ??? ??? ??? ???

Don’t know who told you clean bearings are quiet but they generally are not unless they are lubed sufficiently. Lightly lubed or dry bearings will generally be scratchy sounding.