did i get ripped off?

i ordered an 888x aqua blue from ********.com. arent they suppose to have yellow hubstacks? mine have white. it also as a center trac bearing instead of a regular SPEC. just wanted to know, honestly what i have plays fine i just usually dont prefer a center trac or konkave so if i got like the 09 version…whatever, so, just curious. thanks guys!

I think they come with Center Trac but IDK about stack colors.

lol can anyone just tell me if i did or not? i heard the 888x is suppose to be way better. does anyone out there have a blue 888x with white hubstacks and a center trac? anyone? lol ???

I don’t think you got ripped off, I heard they are just as good. But does hubstack color really matter? And like I said, I think they are supposed to come with center trac.

no the color doesnt matter to me, id actually rather have white if it made a difference. im just useing that as an indicator if i got the 09 or the 888x

Stack color isn’t a good indicator as to what model the yoyo is. Just because they are pictured with grey stacks and come with blue stacks, doesn’t mean that it’s a totally different yoyo. I wouldn’t worry.

Does it have the Made in China markings?

I got my 888x with a spec bearing ,but it was an earlier batch.

Oddly enough, steve, I think yours grinds better too.

it has made in china on the bottom. i guess that means its 888x! ty!

yoyofactory is now shipping the 888x’s with center trac bearings.

The earlier run blue ones shipped with yellow stacks, and the later run ones shipped with white stacks. You’re OK.

My friend bought one at the BAC and got it with a SPEC bearing. And as a lot of other people said, hubstack color doesn’t matter.

I dont even use my hubstacks any more I took them off it makes it play more stable.

Yeah, I fine with them on an 888 though. When I get a Superstar I’m going to take all the hubstacks and hubstack bearings off. That’s what the pros do for maximum stability and the yoyo doesn’t feel weird. I barely use hubstacks too though.

Yeah definitely take the hubs of your Superstar it makes it lighter and play faaster and more stable.

No, you didn’t get ripped off, but it’s kinda weird that it came like that. In fact, I prefer Center-Track bearings over all of the bearings I have tried.

no. only the old 888 (from 2009 i think) had yellow hubstacks. all the new ones have white