Did anyone watch a movie at the Long Beach Town Center today?


I’m working at the theater over the summer, and I spotted someone wearing a YYF T-shirt during the projection failure we had this afternoon. I believe I actually talked to them for a second, but I was busy helping a whole lot of upset guests, so it wasn’t a great time to bring up throwing. lol. Just curious! ;D

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Wait, what! I live 5 minutes from there!


Everyone’s in California :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! now ill be twice as happy when I go to the theater! Where do you work? Ill wear my CLYW shirt when I go. I also live 5 minutes away from there, but im only 12. Ill stop by there next time I go to a DXL and maybe we can meet outside. DXL meets are on Saturday, usualy every other week.

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Haha… I was there. Small world.

Do you go to the DXL meets we have at the Town Center?


You was there todays?

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Nope. Yesterday during the power outage. I was one of the upset customers lol. But I’m coming back to watch the movie today at 1:45pm.


Wow, how unlucky. What movie?

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

The Internship

EDIT: Wow. On Monday, I left to go see the Internship and ended up getting in a car accident. So on Tuesday, I went to go see the movie and right when the movie was about to start, a power surge caused the projectors to fail so I had to wait in line for a refund. And today, I went to go see the movie and they said, “Sorry, we’re not playing that movie anymore.” I think the universe doesn’t want me to go see the Internship…


Anybody else live in long beach or Hawian gardens?