Di Base

I bought a Di Base and i got two rubber pad or something. What is it?

What’s what?

Rubber pad? The response? The yoyo?

I don’t fully understand what you mean…

They are weight rings. Put them in the cup to add weight and vibe.

Ah, now I understand what he means. O-rings.

Yes, if you want you can put the rings in the igr of the yoyo. It will not let you do thumb grinds that well anymore though…

I dont understand where to attach it.

Look at when the guy shows you the two yoyos, see the black rings in there?


Is there difference when we attach o rings or not?

When? What do you mean? It’s all preference if you want to attach them or not…

It adds weight

Yes, sorry about my previous reply.

It adds weight for a more controlled and slower play.

Caution, they will most likely add a noticable vibe.

I had that issue with mine. It’s plays so good without the weight rings, I don’t think you’d miss them.

Note: I prefer my yoyos to be on the heavier side of things. The DiBase plays excellent without the weight rings.