Di Base 2 from YYE


Hi there, a little new here. I just got my Di Base 2 (Only threw a Dash before, and I LOVE it) and I noticed something a little odd. I have a Di Base with the EXACT same acid wash pattern as the one in the photo here on YYE (The blue-green w/ pink acid). How might this have happened? Would someone be so kind as to enlighten me on the process of acid-washing?


Is your name real


You just ended most likely getting the one they used for the picture. All anodizes are different I don’t think its possible to replicate another splash or acid wash exactly.


I’m guessing MYNAMEISZen has it right. YYE doesn’t use manufacturer stock photography, they do their own product shots. To take the photo, there’s gotta be a real item to go with it! And you probably got the one.


That’s sort of what I was thinking, which is pretty neat I think!