Dgiant's Collection Sale. RARE YYR,General Yo, CLYW. + MORE// SALES POSTPONED

Hello Forum, Haven’t been on in while but I’m back to sell most of my collection.
I really don’t know the current value for most of these, but i know what i paid, and the rarity of some. Offer accordingly, and input is appreciated.

I just learned that I will be leaving tommorow on a early holiday vacation and won’t be able to ship. I’m still willing to sell but it would be of best interest to do so after the holidays. Sorry about that!

Im selling:

Yoyorecreation Messiah. 10/10 condition, no flaw except slight anodization error next to bearing(pinprick).dead smooth. never taken apart

Yoyorecreation Stargazer/ 10/10 condition, no flaws. dead smooth. never taken apart

X Cube Aware. 9.99/10 thrown a few times, some anodization marks, was there when i purchased from a retailer

Clyw x OneDrop Summit. 7.5-8/10 condition. Dead smooth, few nicks here and there, no dents. the side effects had the coating sort of come off, easily replaced.

General Yo Majesty 7/10 condition. dropped a few times, still dead smooth. knicks where the beadblast came off.

General Yo Essence PROTOTYPE I got this in the early stages of the General Yo Essence design and production when ernie had a batch up for sale. I believe only around 10 or so were made. VERY VERY RARE PIECE.
        Never dropped and was kept very safe. THEre are scratches and marks since it is a raw yoyo. Spins dead smooth and plays amazing.

Highspeed YoYo Modded Free Hand Zero This is a modded Freehand Zero, custom painted and the works from High speed Yoyo reviews long ago. Rare Piece. 10/10 condition. has some vibe since its a plastic duncan yoyo and all. Plays like a professional yoyo though.

Yoyofactory Genesis 8/10 condition, few nicks here and there, plays well

I do all business through paypal invoice, or ebay private auction. I am very legit, and has had dozens of refs from yoyonation before it went down. I have been into yoyos for nearly 8 years now, have no fear in purchasing!

I also have a bunch of chaos string to add to orders.

You can find more pictures in my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125596497@N05/sets/72157649369412970/