DetCords yoyo holders by YoYoPros now available


Easily adjustable with strong magnets and belt clip

Comes in these colors:


Only $11.99 each - Free Priority Mail shipping to most U.S. addresses !!!

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Seems like a cool concept, any more pictures? Also this should probably go in the B/S/T.


We will get more pics soon


That looks really cool.


This is a nifty idea. But having high powered magnets next to the bearings can magnetize them. Ever see a bearing on a finger flick look like it had breaks and reverse just a little at the end of the spin. That can slow a bearing down quite a bit and help ruin a bearing. So my question is, is the magnets in this far enough away and not that powerful to cause damage? I’m not trying knock your product, just curious because i really like this idea and I’m really into magnets big time.


they are not that powerful plus you have string between the magnets and bearing


Can i ask where you get your magnets and or any info you have on them. If you want you can pm me the info. Strings wouldn’t get in the way of a magnetic field btw. Its the distance and gauss rating on the magnets that would be the deciding factor.


One magnet will hold 10 pounds. It would take hours for it to magnetize the bearing.


More pictures please!


We will get pictures this weekend.


Only $11.99


New colors later today


Sorry guys I ran out of magnets should get some soon