Desperado bearing

Ok. I have an n5 Desperado that I really like, but the bearing is pretty shakey and loud. It often vibrates as well. If I was to replace the bearing, how would I do it? Where would I get the new bearing? What size would it be? Etc. please use details. Thank you!

Given that this forum is sponsored by YoYoExpert, you should be able to guess the only answer you will get here.

Probably YYE would be the best place to check:D

The n5 uses a size C bearing. You can find a lot of info on bearing removal from the forum, and check yye for a bearing of your liking. The closest to the stock one is the trifecta, by my guess

Actually, the closest would probably be a konkave

The knockoffs in the n5 have 10balls, that’s why i considered the trifecta closer