Design projects to fill my quarantine time?

I’m a graphic designer who’s done work for a few companies, but I’m always looking to expand my contributions to the yoyo community and work with more folks. Now that I’m laid off for a bit I wanted to reach out and offer my services and see if I can find some projects to fill my time!


Yoyofactory is doing this laser engraving thing where you can submit a round 33 millimeter graphic and they will turn it into a laser engraving on the California. If you choose, it can be publicly available on their website and the designer will get a cut of the profits if someone buys their graphic.


For fun, I’ve been “designing yoyos” in Illustrator with the 3d revolve feature.


That’s cool! Might have to come up with a few designs then. Thanks!

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Decided to create my own project to kill some free time. Fake it til you make it they say! Branding and packaging design for a craft brewery themed yoyo company that doesn’t exist yet, but that I would love to start in the future!

Brewski Throwco design


Love it, man. IMO the specs of every yoyo should be on the packaging - how you did it is great.

Looks like some Short’s Brewing Co. cans in the one photo. Which one? I live in NW OH, but we sometimes get their stuff in stores here and I also visited them at MI brewfests.

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Right on! Thanks, man!

It’s Short’s - Soft Parade Shandy. Definitely one of my favorite beers. It’s crisp and fruity and I love it. Super bummed that quarantine has postponed all the beer fests!


I would love to help out with the company maybe you can sponsor yoyo