"depth of YT" trick

After spending some time looking for some nice and easy tricks, i found something in depths of youtube

that guy is left handed what really confuses me what to do :< and that tricks is really fun looking, any ideasa? mayby some1 could make a video  tutorial out of it :slight_smile:

PS. that guy has on his channel some real nice tricks which are numbered 1 2 3 etc, check it out :slight_smile:

Well if you’re a righty and he’s a lefty, then just copy every move just the way you see it, instead of mirroring it as you would normally do. Coming from a lefty in a world dominated by right handed tutorials, trust me, it won’t be that hard. It’ll turn out fine. :slight_smile:

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stilll hes doing that fast :stuck_out_tongue:

I Watched this trick.
and I learned it after watching it.

Try and Examine it a bit closer
It isn’t hard!

could you atelast write what to do? i know hes in houdini mount but not sure on what string u have to hop and what to do next ;p

sorry for reply one under another but :stuck_out_tongue: i know whne u are in houdini mount u ahve to hop the yoyo to te string nearest to you, and then i could do that tower but i had to change my nTH fingers in the process from

Okay, Houdini.
Pop the yoyo to the back string

there should be a loop on your NTH index and thumb.
Pull the loop from the index, through the loop on the thumb
and let the loop on your thumb just slide around the one from the pointer
That should be the tower

Then open up the NTH loop and just bounce it back and forth.
When you’re done, land on the TH side
then toss onto the NTH side and let go of all from your throw hand
and thats the GT

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