Delrin tops

After some debating I’ve decided to invest in a delrin top. What I’m wondering is, which one should I get? If they were in stock, I would grab a giulia in a heartbeat. Since the STB 2 is in stock, I am considering buying that, but I’ve heard that the 2 halves separate easily. Lastly, the Chico top 2.0 looks great, but I am skeptical of the availability of one way bearings and other spare parts and I haven’t heard many things about them. So should I await the return of the Giulia or purchase one of the latter two?


The STB 2.0 can break, but it is not all that fragile. I only know of two breaks, and I was in proximity to one of them which happened after repeated sideways drops on a concrete floor. I have several 2.0 and had no problems, I don’t play over concrete much though. I like the way the 2.0 plays very much.

I do not know when the new run of Giulia will come out, but it may be worth the wait if you want the incredible durability and added size.

I have not played with any of the Chico tops, so I cannot attest to the quality. The new top looks good but I do question the oversized tip.

After much thought… I think you should get one of each ;D