Spintastics Gladiator

Today I ordered some spin tops from YYE, I had some YYE gift cards and thought some tops would be fun. I got a Duncan Bearing King and a Spintastics Gladiator. I know you have to tape the Bearing King so it doesn’t break, but do you have to do the same with the Gladiator?

Yes just to be safe.

The Spintastics one looks a bit weaker.

You’ll know for sure when it gets there of course, but I think all the Gladiators come with tape on them now. Definitely tape that Duncan right away though. I love them, but I’ve had them land wrong and break the little tabs on the very first throw.

Gladiators come with tape on them and the o-ring. Take the o-ring off and put it in your sock drawer. It will me much more useful there. Jk but seriously all it does is make the top shoot off in undesirable directions when it comes in contact with something.

All right! Thanks for the replies!

My tops came today! So far I’m having a blast, the throw wasn’t as hard to learn as I thought it would be. I think so far I prefer the Gladiator, it just seems to click better with me.