Delrin, not Derlin...

The people here who pronounce DELRIN as DERLIN…



Oh, i love Derlin it makes the best yoyos.

I pronounced it derlin until I was corrected but I still call it derlin, big whoop people can say it however they want.
I pronounce acrylic wrong as well.

I’m not making you say or spell it the right way, just making sure you know the difference ;).

Double the flavor, double the fun.

It’s a name… I am a frequent user of the forum so I know when someone “accidentally” calls it “derlin” I know better. If one went to get something machined and asked for it to be made of “derlin” it may follow with disappointment.

Just so you know this post drove my auto correct insane.

So am I, most likely more frequent user than you ;). Check out my profile<<<<.

You also double posted…

His posts actually are actually a contribution though.


Correction; Delrin is pronounced del-rin not D-E-L-R-I-N.

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Quality over quantity every time. :wink:

Now I understand your profile picture…

He also has 2 times what you have logged in, and only 500 posts. I dont know how you have 2k posts with 1 day of online time. I have over 40, and less then 1900 posts.

It might not track on the App, which is what I use. Only been on the forum on site once or twice.

And I know I have more than 1 day login time.

It only counts the time you are actuallt browsing or posting, not being logged in. Otherwise id have over 700 days

But Derlin is what my heart tells me…

Also if we’re playing the “I’ve got more posts game” go by pages of posts 'cause the counter does some funny things.

I’m not really sure why it matters if someone calls it derlin. Even if you were to go to a machine shop and ask them to spin something using “derlin” I’m pretty sure they would know what you meant.

And why does post count matter?

What are you gonna ask why height matters next?

It’s awkward for tall girls. ;D

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