Delrin edge!

I’ve seen Evan use it in some trick circles on his instagram but can’t find any other info on it. It looks super sick and sounds awesome. So if you know anything please let us know! Thanks!

Btw this is like the coolest trick I’ve seen in a while. Evan is so talented and continues to blow me away with the tricks he comes up with. He seems like a super cool guy too. Definitely someone who would be awesome to hang out with. :sunglasses::smiley:


He was probably using a prototype, I don’t think they usually have an official announcement until they have the final design.

I have heard absolutely nothing, but if yoyofactory plans to release a Delrin Edge, given the fact that delrin yoyos with stainless steel rims are becoming slightly more popular, Evan recently won a national title, and that the Edge has already been extremely successful, I think that when this yoyo is going to come out it will definitely end up in Yoyoexpert’s news. This idea does seem exciting, and I’m not surprised YYF is looking into it, based on the new version of the Shutter (the Wide Angle, for those of you who haven’t paid much attention to the news) and the new Ultra yoyos.

I am kinda surprised that you didn’t even notice the Proto Evan was using was solid Delrin. There are ‘no’ rings on it…

I am sure a lot of you guys already know what I am about to say. But those that never gave it a thought; the following reality may contain usable substance.

At any given time all year long; YYF, One Drop, YYR, 3yodesign, etc.; have at least a few Protos out in the field; getting thrown around. It seems often when this type of video ‘appears’; it’s like a top level secret was revealed :nerd_face:

Wow… Evan is using a yoyo nobody even knew about! Hahahaha… what’s the scoop? what’s the word? Anybody hear anything? When will it be released? Now much will it cost? Who will get them first?

Nothing magical or top secret about the process. It’s just Business in motion. It is not unusual at major Contests for a few of the Makers to have Protos they let people try. Field testing with people not on the Team. To get more depth on the designs feasibility.

It is also normal practice to not go out of their way to show everything they are working on; that competitors may snake for a release of their own😳

It is not uncommon for major Yoyo Makers to come up with designs close to higher price point products; that will have a lower final price on them. (Example: Hitman//Lyn Fury).

I do not work for YYF or represent them. But if that image of the yoyo in the video is accurate; Maybe(maybe?) Yoyofactory will come out with an all Delrin Edge?

And if they do, no doubt it will play exceptionally well and I will be at the front of the line to buy a few of them.

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