Concepts I have been working on all summer but the tricks were put together withing 2am to 8am on a sunday morning. Inspired by Reggie Dias, Caribou Chris and Mark Montgomery

Song Pretty Lights-Understand Me Mow

Enjoy in full HD!

There is a “modify” button in the top right corner of the post box, next time you can just use that instead of posting again, helps save space. Btw, great video, really enjoyed it.

Thanks I changed it and I am happy you enjoyed it!

That was really good. I especially liked the one-handed suicide at around 2:55.
The trick at 3:20 was great.

Off topic: were all those yoyos in the background yours?

It makes me wanna go out and buy like 10 new throws…

I really enjoyed that! It gave me the warm feeling I get watching reggies videos!