Currently, I am looking for a team.

Team T-shirt for Contests
Free String
Bragging Rights of being sponsored
Access to my website locked pages :o

Wearing shirt to contests
Using my string at contests
Telling everyone one about my string
And generally being awesome

What I need
I need proof that you go to competitions
A video of you at the competitions
Your T-shirt size
String preferance
String reviews

so I will send you a t-shirt that is your responsibility
Free String and Discounts
access to my team page on my website

no offense but I dont think no one would be going to a competetion and tell other about the string, wear that t shirt just for a string.

you know what, getting free string is GOOD
what does it mater if you have to wear a sweet t-shirt to a competition or just stimply post a link to a video of them on my thread. Jeez >:( what is wrong with all this?

Also, I’m not asking anyone to go to competitions. If there, there then simply wear my t-shirt and use my string

First of all don’t double post there is a nice " Modify button" for you. Second of all Don’t make post that leads to other posts. And last respect everybody, there is no reason to argue if someone thinks you are wrong.
Personally I think you should fix this plan up and think about the many situation possible. Yah good luck making your team ;D I also think you are thinking about your self too much how you say you must make a proof that you went to the competition and wear the T-shirt. And the way you are trying to make it a large team as possible, who cares if it is just a tiny team.

mabey you should change your post then lol. Also instead of making a team why don’t you provide strings to yoyo team that is already made?(Like a team from a yoyo company) or simply make a deal with a yoyo company that if they do ____ you will provide them with free string to be sold with there yoyo?

you know what justink, thank you. that is the first nice post Ive had pretty much ever