Defective Fireball?

I just bought a Fireball from Amazon but it seems that the yoyo can’t be unscrewed. When I unscrew the yoyo, I feel like I am actually turning the screw nut inside the yoyo instead of unscrewing the yoyo. I am so disappointed. What should I do?

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Sounds like the housing for the nut is stripped. I’d refund it through Amazon.


Do you mean I should ask for a refund? Sorry if I misunderstood you.

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I find this such an anachronism, at least here. Fireballs would have appeared quite frequently on forums ten years ago, but not Amazon. Now the reverse is true. Here they are together!

Yes, return the yoyo. It should unscrew with no problem.

Come back here for advice on what next yoyo to buy here from

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There’s a refund/return button on amazon orders. You should go to your order history and click that button.


I got one from there so!e issue I got them to send another one and it was a dud too somethings up with the quality

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Did you send an email to or contact them through Amazon?

I contacted them directly yes with that email they asked for pics and then sent out a replacement they know there’s a quality issue

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I remember when my Yomega throws would do this back in the day. This especially happened with the Brain as the plastic that housed the nut was a lot less of an area…seemed prone to cracking easily giving the appearance that the yoyo stripped.

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