How do I fix my Yomega Fireball???

So I was playing with my Yomega Fireball, and I tried to throw a really hard sleeper and the string was messed up and it ended up hitting the floor really hard. When I tried to unscrew it it wouldn’t unscrew, how do I unscrew it and fix it? If I can’t fix it I still would like to get the litle plastic piece out of the yo yo without damaging it because my brother has a Fireball and needs that piece. Also, I wanted to get a new yo yo after I finished Intermidiate tricks, what should I get? Thanks.

You should get a ONE. It’s only $10, lots of fun too! You should get that now.

Have someone stronger work at unscrewing the halves. Is it the transaxle that your brother needs? could be that you bent the axle. I have to wonder how hard it hit the floor though. I have a Fireball, I’ve never had issues with it, but I know when it’s hit the floor, it’s not been slammed down. Usually hits an area rug over a tile floor, which is where I practice. I can do my ground effect tricks without scratching anything.

I usually throw a Dark Magic II, which is great in my opinion. But, for the money, the ONE rocks!

Well thanks for the advice, but no two hands could of pryed this yo yo apart… so two hammers did! I got the little plastic piece out and put it in my brothers Fireball (which he let me have). And now I also have some good scrap piece to make my own yo yo :slight_smile: