December Trick Video

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey guys! Just wanted to share my december trick video, been kicking around these combos for the last couple of weeks in preparation for the 2012 Idaho State Yo-Yo Championship :slight_smile:


You, my friend are what they call “Epic”

You seriously have to make tutorials. :wink:


Mike is kinda famous for his tuts.

(MikeMonty) #4

Thank you YoPro158 :slight_smile: Glad you liked it so much! I will definitely be making more tutorials :slight_smile:

Haha JohnnyJ, I suppose this is true :slight_smile: I need to make some more…


I used to watch your tuts like, every day, but they kinda slowed down in how much you made them. It would be sweet if you made more :slight_smile:

(Jerrod) #6



You have some of the best suicides I’ve seen. Great stuff.


Wow, that was amazing.

So smooth!


amazing and smooth I love it that was the epic of the epic! ;D


Ok first of all, are drinking some sort of super yoyo juice? Because that was AWESOME! Super smooth, and I LOVED all the sluicides. Great job man.

(Owen) #11

Youre good at yoyo ::slight_smile:

(MikeMonty) #12

Nemyo, StippedAxle, Abby1371, Jerrod and Ehsyo, thank you! I’m glad you all liked the video so much :slight_smile: Ehsyo, no super yo-yo juice, just tons of practice haha :slight_smile: