Dear people of YYE...

I just got the Deadly SpINS pun… They name their yoyos after the Deadly SINS, thats why S I N and S are capitalized in Deadly SpINS.

I cant believe I got that now as opposed to when they first started up.

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Looks like we will have to invent some of our own Deadly Sins just to keep Dan and Glen busy pumpin’ out sweet designs.

:open_mouth: Maybe theyll have to change the name to “sorta deadly SpINS”

Hazardous But Not Necessarily Lethal SpINS.

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Yo Deadly SpINS, you guys taking notes?

Mind = Blown

I feel so enlightened now.

How did I never see that. I’ve been wondering why those letters are capitalized for ages, and just never decided to read them only…

This was talked about already months ago.

Yup. Same thing happened to me lol

You know, this could make form some pretty awkward conversation if they do this.
" What yoyo are you using?"
" The Gluttony"
Though at least it’s not as bad as the Poo( real yoyo name)

The Sloth?

It’s incredibly slow and hardly spins at all.

Hahahahah. I didn’t even get it until you pointed it out. Wow. I feel, special…

I even had a wrath too

Hey now, I enjoy my Poo very much! :stuck_out_tongue:

I still want a yoyo called Hand Grenade. “I’m going to go throw my Hand Grenade, want to watch?”

If I ever do, I will name it that.

They will clearly make more than 7 yoyos since they already have one entitled, The Rockefeller.

That’s Square Wheels, N8


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It’s be pretty cool to throw a yoyo called “Lust” though, like everyone will be like, DUDE WHAT IS THAT? IT"S LUST GUYS, LUST. It’d have to be a really good looking yoyo though.