Deals to die for

yoyotricksv2 - Please respond to the thread I’m providing a link to. This BST thread will be locked until this is resolved. I’d advise you resolve it quickly. Thanks.


Im looking to trade or sell my yos but only looking for good offers no lowballs please

ilyy- fury, void, lynx, 2wei
CLYW- Gnarwhal, sasquatch
Monkey finger- Evil yo, gelada
G2- nessie
SPYY- trainwreck, pure, galactic goose, punchline

What I have

MIP ILYY enigma smooth stable yo green and gold edition $40

MIB YYF MVP my most favorite yoyo ever black and gold splash paul kerbel edition $40

NM OD markmont next very smooth great yoyo $25

Very NM YYF superstar 2 very tiny scuffs ann connely edition $40

nm yyf dv88 grey with black splash $10

mint yyj destiny with cw $20

very nm in pouch ILYY noctu one tiny ding still very smooth amazing yo $30

nm yyf northstar $10

NM yyj phenomizm pink awesome fast yoyo love it $20

a pair of mint loop 900s with key $20

yyj fiesta xx some 4a scuffs but still awesome very fun yoyo $15

12 yoyo bag great condition super nice for traveling $30

tons and tons and tons of string and bearings and cws for offer


for pics text 763-412-9515 or pm

How much for the albatross?

Hey screw off u spammers

Screw u yotricks2




Please pay me the $20 you’ve owed me for almost 2 months.

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That’s messed up NathanC is the man. Don’t mess with him.

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How is this guy not banned when he stole $20 from me?

1st: give nathanc his money back
2: I would not die for any of these deals…

Yeah! Why doesn’t Nate have his money?


Hmm. I assume this guy is not to be trusted with my money then?

Besides that, the pictures are friggen 8-bit. You can’t tell apart a mint yo-yo from a beat.