Looking to clear out throws I no longer use and willing to make a deal for most if not all. Will bundle multiples at a bigger discount.

Also want to buy/trade for a plain or neutral color One Drop Benchmark W (preferably used or showing signs of wear)

Good/Like New/MwB throws:

Bassacuda DXL edition (played once) 30
Bassacuda pink/clear (1 ding on rim, doesn’t affect play) 20
C3 Quash (never played, no box) blue w light blue 20
Basecamp Moonshine (minty green, was overcranked a tad from previous owner, which does not affect play or balance of throw) 20
KenUSA Kaizen (teal) 15
One Drop Benchmark V 2016 (black, played once) 45

Used stuff— 3 for $20

Duncan maple kendama (yellow) 10
Oozora kendama (JKA sticker, black) 12
YYF Replay (blue and green halves with caps) 10
YYJ Go Big (black with neon green rims, no caps) 12

Freebies: I can add some of these free with any purchase/trade

Rubix Cube (basically new)
~45 black 50/50 cotton/poly YYE string
~30 cotton white YYE string
Duncan Venom kendama (blue, some marks on tama that show through paint)
Duncan Chameleo light-up kendama (lights only used to test, yellow ken blue tama)
Duncan footbag (white and green, barely broken in)
Duncan Butterfly XT

Already sold section:
Duncan Counterweights (Flying Squirrel or blue squirrel, green or blue skulls, yellow ball)
Duncan Yo-tility holster
Duncan Bearing King replacement bearing/non-bearing tips (set of 3)
Duncan yoyo tricks DVD x2
Duncan spacers and replacement parts
Duncan Hornet (neon yellow/green? no cap art)
Yomega Nebula (light green rims)
Duncan Butterfly (wooden axle, good for FAYY stuff) blue
YYF Plastic Grind Machine (black with green stacks) 10
YYF Replay (blue and green halves no caps) 7
Yomega Glide (gray and gold splash, a couple scuffs on rims) 10
Duncan Torque (pink, some scuffs on rims) 10
YYF One (Mateusz/ Ganc edition, played once or twice over carpet) 10
Pair of YYF Shaqler Loop900s (translucent pink with white Team Shaqler logo caps, will include axle gap adjuster tool) 20
Duncan ProZ (Mickey Mouse red, can include blue mod spacers) 10
MagicYoYo Skyva (turquoise, with box)
YYR Diffusion (peach, no graphics)
YYF DV888 (black with polished rims)
Duncan Echo2 (lavender, some scuffs on rims)
Duncan Grasshopper blue w copper splash (never played, still in box) 35
Duncan Barracuda (new version) gold w black splash 20
Duncan FreehandPro (neon green with white caps, taken out of packaging and played once)
Duncan Flipside (light blue and orange cap, used)
Duncan Strix (a few scuffs and small dents on rims, slight vibe)
OD 2013 Benchmark O (some wear, no ano, polished recently, flowable sili response; plays fine, ultralight SEs)
OD Y Factor (black and coffee-color, like new except small marks on one of the pre-side-effects axle holders)
OD nqp MMC (small pinprick mark on inner rim, ano-color flaw nqp i think, clear mmc SEs)
OD 2016 Benchmark H (crime scene colorway with box and energy dome SE)
CLYW x One Drop Summit (a couple minor pinprick marks, plays well and smooth)
Crucial Fresh Milk (one side black and one side white “cow” version, never played and still in milk carton
One Drop Rebirth (barely played) black with dark green and yellow
OD Cascade black with blue and green splash
OD Cafe Racer (dark blue, like new)
TMBR (I believe it’s the old Fremont, played 2-3 times over carpet)
Radical Seas Set Sail (first edition, played once, comes with box) purple w pink and orange
CLYW Snow Tires (3 sets of pink)
Speedaholic (grooved bearing, removed rim stickers) see-through black
Astrojax (light green)
Executive (ano removed from rims) green


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